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A Letter from Hal

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Our family cannot adequately thank you for your prayerful, loving support following Hosanna’s birth and death. Your prayers, your expressions of love sustained us during her brief life, her death and as we began to move forward in resurrection hope. We share with you the biblical hope that in the final resurrection Jesus will return to establish his kingdom, transforming a broken world into a whole one, making everything right, even restoring our precious grandchild, Hosanna, to the fullness of God’s shalom. Even so, we have lives to live this side of heaven. We ask for your continued prayers especially for Shelton and Scott as they grieve their loss and try to    figure out what the future looks like.

Jean and I ask for your prayers for us as well. When someone you love hurts, you hurt. It comes with loving someone. How we wish we could protect even our adult children from pain in life. At the same time, we understand that the best form of protection is to make our children strong. In this case, we are thankful for your strategic role in helping our children grow spiritually strong. It is this strong faith that will enable them and us to endure in hope. Thank you for sharing our journey over the almost thirty two years.

Grace and Peace,