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Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

Have you ever had to step back and think about your priorities? I have to do this all the time – and I always find it challenging. I have to ask myself – is it really worth it to buy this thing, when my priority is to save for our vacation? Is it really worth it to watch this television show, when my priority is to finish this book? Is it really worth it to keep this stained T-Shirt, when my priority is to tidy my closet? Is it really worth it to eat that doughnut, when my priority is to maintain my current weight?

So as Christians, it prompts two important questions:

What is the main thing in the Bible?

What is the main thing in our lives?

The answer is the same to both questions: Jesus.

The whole Bible is one big story that leads up, and follows from the person of Jesus.

Your whole life is one big story about how Jesus chose you, rescued you, and now is working through you by his Spirit.

This is why for my April Sermon Series I am focused on the story of Jesus. The series is called “Just One Hour.”

I’ll be focused on four compelling stories of Jesus’s life and teaching that will be ideal for you to reset your priorities, to help you keep the main thing the main thing. More than this, though, it will be a wonderful opportunity for a newcomer or a friend to perhaps hear for the first time who Jesus is and what he taught. So please be thinking about who you want to invite to come visit Covenant with you in April. I will give you a hint. Most people like to be invited to the first Sunday in a sermon series. They can then decide if they want to hear more and come back the next week. So circle March 31st on your calendar as the date to bring your friend with you for the first sermon in the series.

The 4-week series will culminate with Easter on April 21st. Many people will spend their only hour of the year in church on that day. What will they find when they spend “just one hour” in our community? Let’s be praying that we change our hearts and our church so that we are ready to help visitors take their next step with Christ in this important hour of their lives. Who knows, perhaps one hour might lead to a lifelong relationship.

Ultimately the Triune God wants all of our lives. We are his priority. He showed this to us when he died for us on a cross.

Let’s partner alongside of him as we seek to fulfill our mission as a church:

To make disciples of Jesus Christ who love God, love one another and serve in the world.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!