Our Leaders

The Body of Elders – The Session

It consists of 12 members from the congregation, and the pastors. The Session is responsible for all aspects of the operation and administration of the church, and is also responsible for maintaining the spiritual government of the congregation as exemplified through the worship services and church school activities. The Session functions as a body in decision-making processes, but performs the operational activities of the church by committees. Session members serve three-year terms, with rotations every year.

The Board of Deacons

Consists of 12 members from the congregation. General functions of the Deacons are:

1) Caring for Members: visiting and ministering to the sick, infirm, and shut-ins; incorporating new members into the church; etc.

2) Providing greeters and ushers for the worship services

3) Carrying out other duties assigned by the Session

The Board of Trustees

Made up of nine members from the congregation and is responsible for the Corporation business of Covenant Church. Trustees carry out the business duties to protect, maintain, repair, and operate the property of Covenant. The Trustees also manage the finances of Covenant.

Elders Deacons Trustees
Class of 2018 Sheila Cloud Tom Griffin Tom Cunningham
Kerry Rowley Fran Gibbons Mike Elrod
Dottie Hicks Penny Davis Lynne Reynolds
Frieda Howell Bonnie Moore
Class of 2019 Rob Barnes Vicki Brown Mark Brown
Nita Herrington Mary Ann Enlow Rick Heeth
David Stumbaugh Cheryl Heeth David Simms
Sandi Williams Barbara Radde
Class of 2020 Tom Pendergrass Laurie Roberts Robert Gray
Rita Icenogle Cathy McNeely Mark Icenogle
Steve Mowery Miranda Wilkinson Li Yang
Steven Herriott Jan Neighbors Dave Weible

* Clerk of Session: Tom Coon