Upcoming Events


Join us on Wednesday nights as we celebrate time with Jesus and Me (JAM) sessions.  We meet from 6:00pm – 7:30pm for faith, fellowship, and fun as a Covenant family.  Games will be played, art will be created, goodies will be baked, and relationships with Jesus and each other will be nurtured.  Kids in Kindergarten through 5th grade will meet in room 5 and ages 4 and under will be cared for in our room 11 nursery.  No need to register or sign up; just show up and JAM with us!

WELCOME TO THE MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE, AND JOHN Sunday morning experience!

You may notice a few changes to our Sunday School classes for children this spring.  We are establishing goals for Bible learning for our children so they are better prepared for the middle and high school class experience in the future.  Rather than separating our classes strictly by age or grade, we will have opportunities for our children to learn all they need to even if they joined our church at an older age.  The MATTHEW class will be for our toddlers and pre-K ages and MARK, LUKE, and JOHN for our elementary ages.  This also gives us the opportunity to help each child learn in the way that benefits them the most.


On Saturday, March 10th, our Fellowship Hall will be a port of exciting activity as we welcome guests from all over the Tennessee Valley in an adventure to learn what makes a great VBS.  Group Publishing will be here to teach attendees the in’s and out’s of VBS including snacks, songs, Bible story-telling, and decorating.  This is a great opportunity for us to share our faith with others and extend our very special brand of Covenant hospitality.  We are looking for a few volunteers to help serve a simple breakfast as our guests arrive and help with a VBS themed snack during the morning.  We will begin at 8:30am and finish about noon.  We also need some volunteers to welcome guests and help with on-site registration and a few helpers to clean up afterwards. Please contact Cyndy Sarkisian at 256-348-9903 or via email at cyndyandsam@gmail.com to volunteer.  It will be a fun morning and a great opportunity to share faith and fellowship with other followers of Jesus Christ.


Each Sunday at 9:00am our Covenant Kids have a great opportunity to learn more about the Bible and grow closer to God through our children’s church time.  Nita and Albert Herrington have done a super job planning a journey through the Bible over the next few years.  All the lesson prep and teaching techniques are handled by the Herringtons as our leaders.  However, we need some great story-tellers to get the children excited about the Bible.  Our story-tellers follow the children out of the early service and they have the floor first to tell the children the Bible story of the week.  The story-teller has about ten minutes to tell the story and then may go back to the service or stay with the kids to enjoy the rest of children’s church or raid our stash of snacks or whatever you feel led to do.  The schedule of stories is posted outside room 8 so grab a pen and sign up to be a part of fun and fellowship with our youngest disciples.


This year’s VBS will take place June 4-7 from 9:00am – noon.  It may seem like a long way off but we need to get things moving.  Our theme is Shipwrecked and we will have a super fun nautical adventure.  Now is the time to save the date on your calendar and be a part of helping kids grow as disciples and possibly learn about Jesus for the first time.  We need all sorts of volunteers including music, Bible story, science, missions, snacks, games, group leaders, group helpers, decorators, pray warriors, registration, and more.  There is a job for every interest.  Sign up sheets will be appearing very soon so climb aboard the ship and sail away for fun, faith, and adventure with some really cool kids!