Weekday Preschool

Covenant Weekday Preschool

Registration dates for 2019-2020:

Current Preschool Families: January 28
Covenant Church Members: January 30
General Public: February 4

Our hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and we offer classes for children from one through preK. For questions or a tour of our wonderful preschool please call Pam Holmes at 256-603-6567.

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Our Philosophy

Covenant Weekday Preschool, established in 1961, provides early childhood education for children ages one through four. Our program, along with our experienced teachers, provides a loving Christian environment that strives to promote the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of young children. Our philosophy emphasizes that “learning is fun” and that children learn more effectively through activities that look like play. We promote thinking and creativity, Christian and moral values, the arts, science, and sensitivity to the world around us. We present challenges to help each child reach with his mind as well as his body.

In the One and Two year old classes, the children are beginning their first social relationships outside of the family. Here they become aware that there are limits and how to interact with each other. They are learning to do things for themselves.

Three year olds are active “little persons” who are developing large motor skills and learning safety habits. They are discovering how to dramatize, organize and reveal likes and dislikes and to verbalize their thoughts to their friends and teachers. As they play, the children learn about people and their behavior – what things are for and how to use them. We provide educational experiences that are pleasurable and appear to be “play” to the children.

Our Pre-K children are encouraged to communicate with their peers, to accept the role of both leader and follower, and have a good self-image. They are developing control of emotional expressions and physical movements. Their tiny fingers are exploring manipulative small objects and materials which exercise and develop motor skills. Their imagination and curiosity (which are characteristic of this age) are guided into learning experiences. As the students progress, they will learn the proper care of materials and equipment, develop fine muscle coordination, take on responsibilities, complete tasks, and be attentive to others. We do have limits, consistently followed, to help your child develop good self-discipline. We promote thinking and creating, moral values, the arts, science, and sensitivity to the world around us. We present challenges to help each child reach with his mind as well as his body. Achievement is a satisfying experience.


We want your child to become a well rounded, self-confident, happy, competent person. He/she will use various materials at his/her own level of maturity. Our curriculum in all classes includes many activities. To aid your child’s development, we teach:

Reading Readiness
Likeness and differences, visual and auditory discrimination, memory (recall), sequencing,classification, opposites, labeling, rhyming words, speech and language comprehensions, alphabet recognition, phonics (consonant and vowel sounds).
Writing Readiness
Recognize basic shapes, develop gross and fine motor skills, distinguish top from bottom, understand left to right, can follow top to bottom progressions, distinguish basic strokes (forward, backward, etc.), can trace basic strokes and shapes, identify upper and lower case letters, match upper and lower case letters.
Number Readiness
Identify numerals, verbally counting in sequence, associating numerals with objects, learning ordinal position (first, second, etc.), combining groups (adding and subtracting), learning time concepts (calendar, seasons, etc.), identifying coins, following more than one direction given in sequence, learning geometric concepts.
Our goal is to develop physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Self awareness, body coordination, eye-hand coordination, social cooperation, personal independence, verbalizing thoughts into sentences, self-discipline, listening to and following directions, completing tasks, positive self-image concept, accepting responsibilities, taking part in vocalization and rhythmical activities, being original and creative, being curious and aware of the world around us


Learning Centers
Home living area, block building, large & small, looking and listening area, books & tapes, nature table, puzzles, painting, coloring, cutting, pasting, play dough and clay, manipulative toys & games.
Singing, rhythm instruments, CDs, self expression, physical movement.
Circle Time
Pledge of Allegiance, seasons, calendar, holidays, science & nature discoveries, storybooks.
Games That Teach
Colors & shapes, numbers, matching & grouping, expression, listening, following directions, making decisions.
Outdoor Play
Sand box, swings/slides, balance beam, jungle gym/fort, up/down crawl through.
Various Units Are Covered Through Use of:
Stories, puppets, finger plays, poetry, dramatic play, pictures, field trips, arts & crafts, cooking, daily art and craft activities using many different materials.

Our Staff

Our staff is made up of educated, trained and experienced teachers in Early Childhood Education. Each of our teachers has had specialized instruction in various areas including child development, music, art, nursing, and elementary and secondary education. Preschool educational workshops and seminars are attended regularly. All staff members are certified in Pediatric CPR, First Aid, and AED. We are dedicated to providing a rich, creative atmosphere from which learning can flow.

Director – Pam Holmes

1 Year Olds – Beverly Jeffreys, Karen Higgins

2 Year Olds – Jennifer Carden, Courtney Spadaro, Miranda Wilkinson

3 Year Olds – Debbie Sullivan, Francy Kirkland

Pre-K – Dottie Hicks, Jennifer Simms

Teacher’s Assistants –  Jill Grace, Jay Miller

Treasurer – Susan Pendergrass


Enrollment is limited, with children previously enrolled in the program having first priority. September 1st is the birth date cut off for entering each class, just as it is in the public schools. No child is considered enrolled until the appropriate enrollment forms are accepted and registration fee is paid.

Age Days Registration Fee Supply Fee Monthly Tuition
1 year old Mon or Wed $50 $85
1 year old Mon and Wed $65 $140
2 year old Tues and Thurs $65 $140
2 year old Mon, Tues, and Thurs $65 $170
3 year old Tues and Thurs $65 $30 $140
3 year old Mon, Tues, Thurs $65 $30 $170
3 year old Mon, Wed, Fri $65 $30 $170
3 year old Mon-Fri $65 $30 $240
Pre K Mon-Thurs $65 $50 $200
Pre K Mon-Thurs                          + Enrichment Friday $65 $50 $240

*One registration fee per family