Sunday Morning

Welcome to Covenant Kids!
We have something for children of all ages on Sunday morning.


Loving care is provided for children 2 and under in room 11 during both of our worship services, as well as the 9:45 discipleship group hour. 2 year olds are escorted to the 2-3 year old Sunday School class during the discipleship group hour.

Covenant Presbyterian Children

Children’s Message (8:30 and 11:00 a.m.)

A special children’s message is provided for children from preschool to elementary age during both worship services.

Kingdom Kids (8:30 and 11:00am)

Children ages 3 to kindergarten have an opportunity to participate in this extended care program during the worship services following our children’s message. The children will be escorted from the sanctuary to room 13.

Children’s Worship (9:00am)

Each Sunday, Children’s Worship is offered for children in 1st-5th grades. The children are escorted from the sanctuary to room 8 following the children’s message.

Our Children’s Worship has a 4-fold purpose:
– To teach our children about the basic aspects of the worship service.
– To help them become familiar with our pastors, sacraments, creeds, and other elements of worship and the traditional or formal aspects of the worship service as well as demystify the experience and make the children more comfortable and engaged in church.
– To complement current Children’s Ministry activities with a kid-friendly worship experience.
– To learn biblical principles in a fun, interactive way.

Covenant Presbyterian Children

Sunday School

9:35am:  Praise and Worship Music in room 8 for ages Kindergarten through 5th grade

9:45am:  Sunday School for 3 and 4 year olds in room 13

9:50am:  Superbook Academy for Kindergarten through 5th grade in room  8