Covenant Year-End Giving & Financial Update

Stephanie Yaffee

November 22, 2023

Dear Covenant Family, 

This thanksgiving I want to say “thank you” for your incredible faithfulness in supporting our congregation financially. We could not accomplish our mission to make disciples without you! It is such a joy to serve as your pastor and I am excited to share with you a financial update and two special ways to give this year-end.

Each year we work together to close the gap in our budget. Some of the feedback I heard in our July Listening Session was that people would enjoy the opportunity to give back to specific causes at the end of the year. This year we are trying something new for stewardship. We have a goal to raise $150,000 by the end of the year that will help us close the gap in our budgeted income and set us up for success in two important areas: the preschool wing boiler and the overall building fund.

The first opportunity to give is to join us in our goal to raise $75,000 this Giving Tuesday, November 28, 2023, to replace our children’s wing boiler. This essential piece of equipment provides heat to our preschool and children’s Sunday school wing. The current boiler is the original from 1961 and kept our children warm for 62 years. This is a vital piece of equipment for our preschool as well as our nursery and children’s Sunday School on Sunday mornings. We have been advised that this will be its last winter to provide heat and it will need to be replaced next year.

Would you consider making an end of year gift to the preschool boiler to make sure our children are warm and safe as they take their first steps in education and first steps of faith?

You can make a check donation with “preschool boiler” in the subject, or choose “preschool boiler” from the menu options at

For the first time ever, we are expanding this giving campaign to our preschool families. I would also love to reach out to any alumni of the preschool who might be willing to support this one-time initiative. If you know of someone who attended the preschool who might like to support the next generation, please let me know or forward them this exciting opportunity to give back. 

The second opportunity to give is to help us towards our goal of raising a $75,000 “Christmas Offering” to make our mortgage payment on our building for 2023. Every year, we owe $300,000 to Progress Bank for our mortgage that was used for the building expansion. Funding our building is a long-term commitment and it is important to retell the story of why we built this project in the past and how it serves God’s mission in the present. 

This Christmas I will be telling this story in our Advent sermon series, “The Carpenter King.” This series will focus on the places and spaces where we encounter God’s transforming power in Jesus Christ. This is true of the Christmas story, and it is also true of the mission that we share together in our building at 301 Drake Ave. 

Would you consider making an end of year gift to ensure we can host worship and discipleship activities by contributing to the Christmas Offering for the building mortgage? 

You can make a check donation with “Christmas Offering” in the subject or choose “Christmas Offering” from the menu options at

To give you a brief financial update: this year we budgeted $1 Million in income to be donated in our operating budget, and as of the end of October we had received $742K. For our building budget we planned on $300K to be donated and as of the end of October we have received $225K. These amounts are similar to what we observed in last year’s giving patterns.

That’s why, to try a fresh approach, the Elders and Trustees have chosen the $75K Preschool Boiler Initiative and the $75K Building Fund Challenge as focused “milestones” on our journey towards closing the end of year budget gap. It is our hope that by providing these more specific ways to give that we will inspire all of us to give with joy and to serve with gratitude this Christmas season. 

If you have questions, I would love to chat more with you about our end of year finances or about these specific stewardship campaigns. Please don’t hesitate to call or email me anytime at 941-961-0121 or I’d love to hear your thoughts and share any details you’d like.

In Christ,


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