LIFE (year-round)

8:45 AM


This group typically uses a video series and includes discussion.

Current Study: The Ten Commandments (Zoom sessions)

There is no reading assignment prior to each class, other than the short Bible passages noted below.  We will watch the video for each class then have discussion till we run out of time.  The audio volume is not very loud on my laptop speakers but I’m boosting it with external speakers.  Be prepared to use headphones or crank up the volume while the video is playing, then return it to a normal level when we start our discussion.  Here is the summary of the lessons and Bible verses for each lesson.

Contact Robin Strong (256-527-9095) for Zoom Link or more information.

9/12/2021 – Introduction to the course

9/19/2021 – Words of Love:  I Am Your God; You Shall Have No Others
Verses: Exodus 20:1-6  and  Mathew 22:34-37

9/26/2021 – Words of Love:  Don’t Trivialize My Name
Verses: Exodus 10:7  and  Matthew 7:21-23

10/3/2021 – Words of Love:  Keep Sabbath
Verses: Exodus 20:8-11,  Deuteronomy 5:12-15  and  Mark 2:23-28

10/10/2021 – Words of Love:  Honor the Life-givers
Verses: Exodus 20:12  and  Luke 9:57-62

10/17/2021 – Words of Love:  Don’t Kill Each Other
Verses: Exodus 20:13  and  Matthew 5:21-26

10/24/2021 – Words of Love:  Hold Your Marriages Sacred
Verses: Exodus 20:14,  Genesis 2:18-25  and  John 8:1-11

10/31/2021 – Words of Love:  Do Not Steal
Verses: Exodus 20:15  and  Matthew 25:31-46

11/7/2021 – Words of Love:  Speak Truthfully
Verses: Exodus 20:16,  Deuteronomy 5:20  and  Matthew 12:36-37

11/14/2021 – Words of Love:  Don’t Fixate on What You Don’t Have
Verses: Exodus 20:17-21,  1 Kings 21:1-16  and  Luke 12:13-15

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