Growing Spiritually

Last Sunday I asked the question, “If someone were to ask you how you have grown (or are growing) spiritually in the last year or two, what would you say?”  Jim Baird spoke up in 11:00 worship, saying he would know what he would say.  I want to press you to reflect upon this question.  This question should lead to a subsequent one:  how do I need to grow spiritually?

This past year I enjoyed a conversation in which a person told me, “Hal, I want to grow in my observance of Sabbath.”  A rich conversation ensued about what that would mean.  Another person shared with me that they (a couple) wanted to focus more on simply being with Jesus rather than doing for Jesus.  These people serve generously but want to grow in simply enjoying their relationship with Jesus.  Someone shared with me this week that she has learned to live more gratefully.  As a result, she claims her life is a happier, more delightful one.  Still another told me, “Hal, we want to make worship a priority for our family this year.” And another acknowledged his dislike of a particular relative, and is sensing God’s call to be kind to this person.

An organization I would point you to is EHS – Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. They will challenge you to grow deeper in ways you may not have considered.

Another question I will pose to you this week is “How are you helping to make disciples of Christ?”  How are you “being” and what are you “doing” to help others grow as the disciples of Jesus?  It’s about doing, but not solely.  Who we are can be as influential (for good or bad) as what we do.

I think it was Socrates who said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  I understand many of you are overwhelmed.  Nevertheless, set aside some time to reflect on these two questions about growing and helping others to grow.

Thank you for who you are, and for what you do, in Christ.