Our mission is to be a community that grows disciples of Jesus Christ who love God, love others and serve in the world. We are pretty certain of this. The question is:  “How do we grow these kinds of disciples?” And how do we measure success?

I and many others believe one of the most effective ways to grow as a disciple of Christ is through participation in a small group. You likely have seen a few video testimonies about the value of small groups.

It is true that we have numerous small groups within Covenant. There are women and men’s small groups who meet for Bible study, prayer, sharing, book discussions, to make crafts for others (an expression of our outreach ministry). There are mixed groups who meet regularly in an effort to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. There are groups who meet around interests and gifts such as our choirs and praise team. They meet to hone their gifts to enhance our worship of God; but they also care for one another. Yes, many of you already are meeting in some kind of small group.

What would these new groups be like? Well they would be a small group of people(8-14 people) who would commit to meeting regularly together for  nine months (September-May). They would meet to study God’s word, pray together and share life with one another. We believe a small group such as this is ideal for getting to know one another. This way we know the ways we can encourage and support one another. We can help one another grow as disciples. What would be the topic? Each group would decide what it wants to study. We would offer resources for you to consider. The format would be inductive so that a leader would simply ask questions that would be up for discussion. this way we learn from one another as we spend time together.

Our focus is to involve those among you are who are not currently in a small group. If you are a couple, this is an opportunity to do something together, to stimulate your marriage relationship through the study of Scripture, prayer and fellowship. I you are single, it is an opportunity to experience community with a small group of people who are on a journey of growth in faith in God.

My hope is that you will give prayerful consideration to trying a small group experience. Those who have done so have found it to be enriching and rewarding. You will be hearing more about these new small groups and there will be an opportunity to sign up for one. If you feel more comfortable contacting one of our Adult Discipleship leaders, feel free to email Betty Collins at bettyjo_collins@comcast.net or Ted Lehmann at ted.lehmann@parsons.com, or me at hal.oakley@covhsv.org. We look forward to helping you grow to become a disciple who is becoming more like Jesus.