Lifelong Journey of Growth

While in Montana this past summer we spent time with our son, Nathan and his family.  We enjoyed activities with our grandchildren.  One of the things that struck me was how our three grandsons talked a lot about their height.  On several occasions they would get out the measuring tape to see how much they had grown, as if we could see the growth in a matter of days.  They would ask, “Cap, Mimi, how much have I grown?”  Since two days ago?  We would respond by reaffirming that they were growing, encourage them to eat fruits and vegetables, and remind them that the stature of a man is not measured in inches and feet.  No matter.  We were measuring them again in a couple of days.  I understand all little boys want to grow up fast.

I don’t know about you, but continued growth is important to me.  Well, let me put it this way.  I’m trying not to grow my waist and other areas, but still value growing emotionally and spiritually.  This fall Jean and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary.  We have changed over these 40 years.  We’re not the same people, as we have journeyed through the trials and joys of life.  We have recognized and value the opportunities to grown emotionally and spiritually.

As we enter this fall season, I want to encourage you to consider your own spiritual growth.  Are you growing?  How?  Can you articulate it to someone?  (I’m always willing to listen and celebrate spiritual growth). What has stimulated growth in you?  Most of us would acknowledge that we have grown significantly during trials.  We understand and accept this, but most of us don’t want to plan additional trials in our lives.  I know Jean and I have grown through times of small group study of scripture.  We have experienced numerous small groups, all of them different, yet, all of them have contributed to our spiritual growth.

This fall there are many small group opportunities to grow.  Sunday,  Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  They are advertised in this newsletter. (See pages 16-17).  All of them are open groups in which anyone may participate.

I hope you will make it a part of your weekly schedule.  One of the best places to grow is beside others.