May! What a month!

May is one of my favorite months, and this May promises to be very special indeed. Not only is the weather usually sublime, the explosion of lush greenery reminds me once again of God’s glorious creation. It is also the month of Mother’s Day, on which I give thanks for my mother, Jean’s mother and Jean as the mother of our children. Moreover, it is a time of transition, as school ends and summer begins. May! What a month!

This May we will experience in worship some extraordinary celebrations of  God’s presence among us. On Sunday, May 6, we will celebrate our Stephen Ministry and commission our new class of eighteen people. We began SM at Covenant in 1990; we are now twenty-two years strong. I rejoice when I think of the people whose lives have been touched in one on one relationships with our Stephen Ministers. In addition, our Bereavement/Grief Ministry (which meets Thursday nights at 6pm) grew out of SM. A special thank you to Peggy Hase, Janet Szofran, Jean Oakley and Mark Looyenga for their leadership. I hope you will join us in encouraging these who have the gift of compassion and have accepted the call to care for others in Jesus’ name.

On Sunday, May 13 (Mother’s Day) we will celebrate God’s gift of Motherhood, recognize our mothers and we will extend a Blessing on the more than 200 dresses and 100 shorts that will be sent to Zambia. Over fifty people have made these clothes. We will pray for the children who will wear these dresses and shorts and give thanks for those who gave generously of their time and energy in making them. This ministry grew out of the hearts of Biddie Royster, Martha Lehmann, Nita Maddox, and Jean Roberts. Join us as we celebrate what God is doing among us. (II Timothy 3:17)

On Sunday, May 20, we will celebrate under the leadership of our High School Seniors. Soon you will get to know them from their Senior Boards which will be set up in the hallway outside our worship center. God has grown and shaped these young people into faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Just think about the churches that will be blessed by their presence and leadership as they move into the wider world. Furthermore, we will celebrate the lives and professions of faith of our Confirmation Group. Under the leadership of Don and Alice Searcy, David and Jennifer Simms, Marian Woerner, Dave Reiss, and many other adult leaders (who have taught classes and mentored confirmands), these young people have participated in this confirmation process since last August. They probably know as much or more about the Christian faith and its history than most of us. I hope you will join us as we surround them in love and affirmation as they profess their faith.

On Sunday, May 27, we will, well, just celebrate God’s gift of Sabbath worship and rest. We will remember those who have sacrificed their lives in order to provide our freedom—something we often take for granted. We will remember their gift to us and consider what that might mean for our lives today.

Worship is the most distinctive thing we Christians do. God provided a seven day rhythm for us to work, rest and worship. Join us as we worship and serve the One and Only—The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is present with us through the Holy Spirit.

Blessed to be a Blessing,