Once again, Covenant would like to send deserving kids to Camp Maranatha this summer.  A week at Camp Maranatha can be very rewarding for our own kids, but for those whose family struggles to pay bills may never have the life-changing experience to attend a summer camp. A week in a natural environment with all the fun activities Camp Maranatha has to offer can be a dream come true. The Maranatha staff will provide tender loving care in the name of Jesus Christ.

Tuition for the week is $495, and we typically provide some supplies as well.  We hope to send ten kids this summer and we hope that you can help make this happen this year. Contributions can be made to Covenant Presbyterian Church, with a Kids to Camp notation.

We welcome anyone who would like to join the Kids to Camp committee.

For any questions, please email Susan Elrod. or Jan Neighbors.

Alternative Christmas Market: 11th Anniversary

Thank you for your generous support of the 2018 Alternative Christmas Market.  Thank you for honoring Christ this Christmas by giving gifts that support those in need in our community and around the world.

This year we raised $15,285 for our supported charities. This brings our 10 year GRAND total to $171,782.

2018 Funds Raised

29:11                                        $900

Living Waters                         $350

Free 2 Teach                           $494

HAP                                          $800

Heifer Project                        $3100

Covenant Preschool              $2300

PAL                                            $1100

Pres Home  for Children       $2300

Mission:Hope                          $600

Vine Counseling                     $350

Pres. Disaster Assist              $400

Ridgecrest Library                $500

Fair Trade                              $2211

Thank you to those who made the market a success this year. We had almost 60 volunteers helping make this Market a success!

Tutoring at Ridgecrest Elementary School


Covenant provided up to 16 reading mentors to Ridgecrest Elementary in 2017.  Ridgecrest  has seen a substantial increase in students, growing from 450 to 600 last year, with one-fifth of the students identified as ELL (English Language Learners)  Principal, Denine Matthews, is a supporter of our reading mentor program and we are limited only by the number of volunteers. Please consider taking 30 minutes a week to read with one of these precious children.

We will also provide lunch for the faculty twice a year,  possibly October and February. Please contact Jane Sucic if you would like to furnish a dish. Valerie Christian and Kathy Dahlman are providing snacks monthly for faculty meetings. We will continue to collect bottle caps for the school. Last year Ridgecrest PTA came in number one in the city, receiving $2,000 to use for school supplies or equipment and we are proud to have taken part in that project.

Covenant Crafters

The Crafters are a group of women who meet monthly, on the 4th Tuesday from 1pm-3pm in room 102, to work together on various craft projects.  We share techniques and patterns and encourage one another not only in our craft, but also on our journey.

Members are adept at many different forms of handiwork. There are varying levels of expertise. Those with more experience help others with problems they may encounter in their work.  Experts have been invited to teach their craft at several meetings. One teacher taught knitting to those wanting to learn and offered tips to those more experienced.

We furnish handmade blankets for the deacons to give to Covenant’s new babies.  Cheryl Hodges crochets preemie hats for the Huntsville Hospital NICU.  Contact her if you are interested in helping.

Perhaps our biggest project is knitting or crocheting prayer shawls, which are given to those who are sick, need encouragement, or just need to know that they are loved. As a crafter works on each shawl, she prays for the recipient, if that person is known—specifically, but if not, that the shawl will bring comfort, encouragement, or whatever is needed to the one who will receive it.  We trust that God knows—far better than we—what the shawl will mean to the recipient.

If you enjoy crafts of any kind and would like to join our fellowship, you’re invited to join us. Contact Martha Lehmann for more information.

Mission Stitchers

The Mission Stitchers group stays busy all year! Our projects utilize both people who sew and those who do not have sewing skills. Our ongoing project is to make pillowcases that are appealing to children. We get together in a series of workshops to cut out the pillowcases, to sew them together, and then to prepare them with a tag that says “Made for you with caring hands. Covenant Presbyterian”. Some people sew the pillowcases at home instead of at the workshop. Thanks to the ladies who wash and press all of the finished pillowcases at home before we give them to the  hospital.

Each year we make 500 pillowcase, which go to Huntsville Hospital Pediatrics.One pillowcase costs $7.00 to make and the majority of the fabric is purchased by members of the Mission Stitchers. We appreciate all the financial help that we have received from the Outreach Committee and the congregation. Because of the specific fabrics and patterns that we use, it is more cost efficient for us to purchase all of the fabric rather than to receive donations of fabric. However, monetary donations are always appreciated.

For information contact: Martha Lehmann.


Covenant’s 13th Habitat House!

2409 Garden Park

Psalms 127:1

Unless the Lord builds the house,  those who build it labor in vain.

Covenant Presbyterian, along with our other partner churches, participated in the construction of a house at 2409 Garden Park for Habitat for Humanity.  Construction for the house began at the Habitat for Humanity warehouse on February 23rd where we began cutting the wood for the frame. During the whole build we had at least 13 participants from Covenant volunteering their time and efforts.  Overall, we were blessed with more than 40 participants.

The build managers, Nes Cumings with Covenant and Bill Giardini with Habitat for Humanity, were there to instruct the volunteers how to build the house and delegating activities.  Each week there were plenty of workers willing to spend their days laboring to build this future home for the Carter family.  We finished construction of the house on Memorial Day weekend when we did landscaping and put down sod in the yard.  The Lord provided all that was necessary to complete this home without delay.
Isaiah 58:6-7

Is not this the fast that I choose:…

to share your bread with the hungry

 and bring the homeless poor into your house;
On June 4th, Richard Brooks led the dedication of the house. The family, friends, and volunteers who gathered said prayers for the Carter family.  Covenant presented Melissa Carter with a housewarming gift to welcome her and her family into their newly completed home. This marked the completion of Covenant’s 13th Habitat for Humanity house.


Covenant’s Local Missions

Covenant supports many local ministries with prayer, service and participation, and financial support. Check out the links below for more information about our local outreach.

Huntsville Pregnancy Resource Center (formerly Choose Life of NA)
Covenant Preschool
Habitat for Humanity
Huntsville Assistance Program (HAP)
Interfaith Mission Service
Kids to Love
Manna House
Meals on Wheels
Ridgecrest School Outreach
Second Mile Development
Serve the City
The Vine Counseling Center