Pack Your Bags for a Jubilee!

I love to pack luggage. I like to roll my clothes into perfect little cubes. I like to make each item fit just so inside of the compartments. Then at the end I love the hum of the zippers closing. They seem to say: “You’re ready!” “You’re set!” I feel so neat and tidy when I’m done.

But as much as I love packing – that’s not the point of traveling.

The point of traveling is to go.

And it’s the same with our faith journey.

The point of our faith journey is to grow.

This year our stewardship theme is “Ready, Set, Grow

God has blessed us with 60 years of spiritual maturity, joyful fellowship, wise leadership and financial generosity. God has made us ready. God has made us set. Now it’s time to grow.

God is calling us to grow deeper in our relationship with him.

God is calling us to grow wider in our relationships with people outside our church walls.

It’s the most courageous thing we can do as disciples. It’s the most faithful thing we can do as a church family. We are going to continue the hard work of growing.

To leap forward with courage we will use a congregation-wide study of “Unbinding Your Heart” by Martha Grace Reese from August 20th through October 1st. For forty days we will make it possible for every member of covenant (from ages 1 to 100!) to pray the same prayers and read the same scriptures. We will read the best available research on how to share Jesus with people who are not already in church. For forty days we will share our own faith  stories and pray for each other and for the Huntsville-metro area.

This is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our congregation to literally “be on the same page.” It’s not a new   concept. This church has done an outstanding job of praying and reading the bible since our charter in 1957. But it’s even older than that. In Leviticus 25 God declares that every 50 years there is to be a time of Jubilee. During the Jubilee, the soil rests and the whole people focus on praising God and restoring their relationships with one another and with the foreigners in the land. That’s what we’re going to do with this study of “Unbinding Your Heart.” It will be a time of Jubilee – where we all get on the same page so that God can lead us forth in the power of the Holy Spirit to share the good news of Jesus Christ with our city.

It’s going to be powerful AND it’s going to be fun! Many Sunday School classes and Wednesday Night groups will be using the “Unbinding Your Heart” curriculum and we will have a number of new small groups launching throughout Huntsville at different times of the week. You can show up to the congregation-wide “Draft Day” on August 13th at noon to enjoy lunch from  local Food Trucks and to sign up for an Unbinding small group.

Will you do me a favor? Will you take 10 minutes this month and just sit and ask the Holy Spirit if there is one person in your life that you would like to invite to do this study with you? It could be a friend who comes every week to Covenant or someone who has not come to worship in some time. It could be a neighbor. It could be a family member. Just ask God whom God has in mind. This will be a forty days that we always remember – so let’s bring along some friends for the journey!

We’re ready, we’re set, let’s grow!