The RICHARD COON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP has been established to perpetuate the memory and the ideals of Richard Coon, Jr. A scholarship is presented annually to a Huntsville High School Senior who demonstrates commitment to Christian ideals, academic achievement, and service to the community. This scholarship is administered by Covenant Presbyterian Church, where Richard was an active member.

Richard Coon Tribute

Thomas Richard Coon Jr.
Born: December 22, 1969
Died: October 15, 1988

Richard was tragically killed in an automobile accident caused by an intoxicated driver on I-65 in Montgomery at the age of 18. He was a fun-loving, people-loving person who also excelled in academics and leadership roles at school, in the community and at church. Richard graduated among the top 20 students academically in his class at Huntsville High while taking advanced placement courses in English, Chemistry, Physics and Math. He received a four year Bellingrath Scholarship to attend Huntingdon College in Montgomery. Through an arrangement with the University of Alabama in Huntsville and Huntsville High School, Richard was able to take selected math and science courses at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and received both high school and college credits for the courses at UAH. He had earned enough college credits (including both differential and integral calculus) when he graduated from high school to enter Huntington College as a sophomore.
Richard was a committed Christian and openly shared his belief with others. He was a leader in youth activities at Covenant Presbyterian Church and participated in mission trips with Covenant youth groups almost every summer beginning in middle school. Richard was comfortable in relationships with people from all ages –from toddlers to seniors. Richard sometimes gave the “children’s message” during the worship service. His last Sunday at church before leaving for college, Richard gave his personal testimony to the high school Youth Group.
Because of the impact Richard had on so many lives, friends and family established the Richard Coon Endowment Fund in 1989 to perpetuate the memory of Richard. The Richard Coon Scholarship was established to provide a nonrenewable scholarship for a deserving Huntsville High School senior who subscribes to Christian ideals while demonstrating academic and leadership attributes. The award is made on a nondenominational basis, with the objectives being to encourage Christian lifestyle and behaviors and to help deserving Huntsville High School students further their education. As of June 2019, $105,000 in scholarships has been awarded to 55 recipients by the Endowment. This scholarship has been established through and administered by the Covenant Presbyterian Church in Huntsville, where Richard was an active member.

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The following students have received the RICHARD COON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP:
1989 – Andrew Gregory
1990 – Jennifer Rhodes
1991 – Shelley Gilliam
1992 – Mark Miller
1993 – Bill Lunsford
1994 – Margaret Harper
1995 – Courtney Mayberry
1996 – Martha Lynn Coon
1997 – David Childs
1998 – Elizabeth Styles, Nathan Oakley
1999 – Alice Green, Jason Rogers
2000 – Hayden Oakley
2001 – Cynthia Leia Gilmer
2002 – Lance Ingram
2003 – Claire Bagwell, Lucy Heath
2004 – Dustin Fowler
2005 – Lauren Green, Audrey Hoyle, Randall Mummert
2006 – Hannah Lanford
2007 – Elizabeth Hester, Scott Seitz, Courtney Sparkman
2008 – Missy Backus Thompson McMurtrie, Hardy Reynolds
2009 – Bethany McDaniel
2010 – Lindy Reynolds and Morgan Schultz
2011 – Rachel Sullivan and Robert Gray
2012 – Cody Fee, Melissa West, Will Nunn
2013 – Brandon Honeywell, Lauren Tepool, Katherine McCown
2014 – Marcus “Chip” Johnson, Erika Rios-Pina
2015 – Eli Reynolds, Meredith Seymour, Madison McBroom
2016 – Anna Dailey
2017 – Hudson Honeywell, Zoe Meyers, Anna Paige Wilson
2018 – Emma McNeely, Kiri Gilbreath, Savannah Johnson, Lauren Turner
2019 – Tiffany Ann Dinh, Thomas Kesting Jr
2020 – Leah Bledsoe, Maddie Cimino, Michael Finley

2021 – Christine Ivey, Godfred Offei-Dua, Angelina Offei-Dua

2022 – Beth Ann Johnson, Ansley Scales, Trent Trousdale

2023 – Emily Grace Kesting, Andrew Michael Dillard