Spiritual Mentoring

What is spiritual mentoring? It happens when one person enters a relationship with another person to get to know one another and they spend some time talking about spiritual things. Spiritual mentoring happens through various ministries within the life of Covenant, most effectively in children’s and youth ministries. An adult comes alongside a child or youth in the course of one of our programs and they talk about spiritual things. Last June, Tom Coon, Ray Rowley, and Don Searcy gave testimonies to how their lives have been impacted through working with students, as they served as spiritual mentors (without even knowing they were doing so).

On September 8, we are going to introduce a more widespread spiritual mentoring ministry for men and women. It will be designed in such a way that it would be easy to carry out. Here’s how. On September 8 we will have available four lists (two for women and two for men). There will be a list for men 55 and over, and one for men 54 and younger. The same for women. Let’s say 10 men 55 and older sign up and 10 men 55 and younger sign up. We would match them in twos and ask you to meet for lunch or coffee once a month for six months. The same for women.

What would we do when we meet for lunch? Good question. We would provide a guide for your conversation. For example, you would begin with light conversation, then move to spiritual conversation. Here we would provide a pamphlet with ideas for engaging in spiritual conversations. Once you have begun to know one another, you might continue without referring to the guide. The third part of your conversation would be to share one prayer concern, so that you could pray for one another during the month. Then you could close with light talk or whatever you want to talk about. Pretty simple.

What would I say about spiritual things? Good question. The guide might ask you to share the person(s) who have been most influential in your spiritual walk. Each of you would share and you could talk about it. Or the guide might ask you to share a time when you prayed for something and were disappointed because you didn’t feel like God answered your prayer. How did you feel? How did you respond? This is an experience all of us have had, and can be problematic for faith for some. Sometimes just knowing someone else has had a similar experience can be encouraging. Most importantly, just be yourself and share honestly about your faith, even those things you struggle with. It is important for each of you to share honestly, so each needs to make a commitment to accept the other person right where he is. Accept and love the person right where they are. The hope is that as you get to know one another you will encourage one another and be a blessing to one another.

What about time commitment? It would be one lunch or coffee meeting once a month for an hour. Most of us eat lunch; we would just eat with another—dutch treat of course.

If you would be interested in such a ministry, sign up on the list. Here is what I imagine: an older man and a younger man getting to know one another; same for women. An opportunity to get to know one another in the Body of Christ. This is one way of intentionally growing our faith.