Thoughts for September

School is in session as we march into a new season.  Many new things are upon us.  For me, this time of year is an opportunity for new beginnings, which I find very freeing.  Below are some things to think about as you consider renewing old commitments and trying new ones.

1. Keeping Sabbath Holy—Someone pointed out to me that Genesis reveals that God made the Sabbath Holy ; it is our job to “keep” it holy.  How will you keep the Sabbath holy as you move into the future? How might that be good for us?

2. Recommitting to involvement with a group Bible study.  Psalm 1:1-3 notes that spending time in God’s Word is good for us.  Hebrews 10: 24-25 reveals how good it is for us to enjoy fellowship.  Many opportunities are available for studying God’s Word in fellowship with others.  This is one way we grow as disciples.  Get involved in a group on Sunday morning or Wednesday night.  Start your own group.  On Sunday, September 9, we will recognize and commission those who are serving as discipleship leaders of children, youth, and adults.  You will be amazed at how many people are serving among us.  I hope you will thank them.

3. As a youngish adult (Yes, I still claim to be a young adult—note that Seth lived to be 807 years of age, Genesis 5:7).  I am mindful of the contribution my elders (those other than I) have made in  my life.  I am thankful to have shared the journey with people who are older than I.  You/they have taught me what it means to follow Jesus; you/they have modeled holy marriage relationships; you/they have welcomed me into fellowship with you.  I am richer for it.  Thank you.  I value your fortitude and experience.  On Sunday, September 16th, we will recognize our Super Seniors and give thanks for you.

4. Psalm 127 says that children are a heritage from the Lord, a reward from God, whether we receive them naturally or through adoption, they are special gifts to us.  How we raise them, nurture and mold them is important to God and to us.  On Sunday, September 23, we as parents will have the opportunity to dedicate our children (no matter their or our age) and grandchildren to God.  We will pray over them and consider the important leadership role God have given to us.

May we seek to glorify God in all our endeavors.

Joyfully serving the King of Kings,