Facility Update – Water Out – Alternate Restrooms for November 14, 2021

David Kling

November 13, 2021

Dear Covenant Family,

Due to a leak underneath our parking lot, we have turned off the water to the building and will be making two porta potties available in the lower parking lot for restrooms during Sunday programming tomorrow, November 14th.

Our scheduled programing on Sunday will proceed. This means that Sunday School at 8:45, Worship at 10:00, the Congregational Meeting at 11:00 and the Confirmation Class Meeting at 11:30 will continue as scheduled.

In order to facilitate the participation of those who feel more comfortable participating at home, we will have a zoom option for the Congregational Meeting and that link has been emailed to the email address on file for members.

The building and the preschool will be closed on Monday for repairs. It is our hope that we can complete the repairs in a timely manner, but we will keep you informed if the building will be closed additional days.  

We are unfortunately unable to offer you any indoor restroom facilities or water from the faucets until these repairs are completed.

Here are some additional details for your consideration: 

Changing diapers



The damage to our plumbing was caused by dead tree roots underneath the lower parking lot. I am very thankful that the damage has already been identified and we have a team lined up for Monday to repair the leak and patch the parking lot.

Please do share this information with your friends to spread the word and take some time to make a decision with your family about the format – Online or In-Person – that will provide you the most comfort tomorrow.

I am so thankful for your patience and support as we continue to move forward with creativity and courage as a church family. It will be another beautiful Sunday at Covenant with baptisms, confirmations, patriotic hymns in thanksgiving for our veteran’s service, children’s programming, pledge commitments, election of officers and more! 

Please join me in thanking our Operations Director Katherine Bennett for her tireless work to make our programming possible this weekend and Elder Brandon Tucker’s for his remarkable leadership in assessing the problem and generating the solution. 

In Christ, 


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