For Parents

We share the Gospel with middle school and high school students, helping them develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through study of the Bible, fellowship with other believers, worship, and service.  We teach Biblical principles for healthy relationships with others in an environment that is safe, fun, accepting, comfortable, and sometimes challenging.

Our Vision for Youth

What qualities do you want your children to possess when they leave home?  At Covenant, we think about helping our youth grow strong in qualities such as:

– A firmly rooted and growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ
– A strong and growing spiritual life
– A heart for serving God and sharing His Word with others
– Healthy relationships with other youth and adults
– Compassion for others
– Knowledge of right and wrong
– Strength to resist peer pressure
– Certainty that each of us is of great value and dearly loved by God

The Influence of People

We surround our youth with people who will help them grow in their faith and their relationships with others.

Peers – We place our youth in positive and encouraging environments where they find acceptance and affirmation of their peers.  By spending time together in worship, study of God’s Word, fellowship, and service, our youth develop solid, supportive relationships with one another.

Adult Leaders – We place a priority on surrounding our young people with faithful, loving adult leaders.  Our youth have the opportunity to see genuine faith lived out in the lives of adults.  These servant leaders teach Sunday School, lead small-group Bible studies, and provide leadership in our fellowship activities, retreats, and the mission trips.  These adults love young people and have a heart to see them grow in their faith.

Parents –– We encourage parents to raise their youth in the Christian faith.  Parents are the most important influence in a young person’s life.  Their decisions and priorities teach their children what is important.  Our youth ministry values the involvment, encouragement, and support of parents.

Opportunities to Lead

We encourage our high school students to serve on leadership teams.  We believe that by encouraging our young people to accept leadership roles and nurturing their gifts, we are instilling in them confidence and a firm faith.