You’ve Got Mail!

TO THE PRESBYTERIANS! That’s how the apostle Peter opens 1 Peter, Chapter 5. I’ll bet you didn’t know that we were called out by name in Peter’s first letter! This is because “Presbyterian” is the Greek word for “Elder.” The words that Peter uses in this final chapter of his first Peter begin by offering words of guidance to elders (leaders) in the church. But in reality, he is calling each of us by name. These powerful words are written not just to a rag-tag group of believers 2000 years ago. By the power of the Holy Spirit they are fresh and new for each of us PRESBYTERIANS today. This has been a powerful sermon series for me personally to share with Hal. I have learned so much by working through this text in sermon preparation and in Sunday School teaching. We have now brought this Sermon Series to a close. But I have a challenge TO THE PRESBYTERIANS here in Huntsville. (1) Look at your schedule this week. (2) Find 15 minutes. (3) Use that 15 minutes to sit down in a quiet place and read the letter of 1 Peter in your bible from beginning to end in one sitting. That’s how this letter was meant to be read – all at once, like hearing a mighty symphony that takes on shape and volume as you read across the five chapters. Imagine that you are in that ancient congregation hearing this letter for the first time. Finally – if you are able to do this assignment, shoot me an email and let me know what you experienced – I’d love to hear from you!  May you feel the joy of your savior, Jesus Christ, through His Holy Word!