August 23rd Worship Resources – “Baby Steps”

David Kling

August 22, 2020

Today we continue our Sermon Series: “(How to) Keep Calm and Carry On” with a sermon that offers some practical steps into how to stay strong this season by taking “Baby Steps.” Ms. Alison helps us with our Psalm 4:8 memory verse and stay tuned for another inspiring harp solo from Betty Augsburger.

If you’re looking for a great online group to be a part of this Fall, we highly recommend you check out the next Alpha class this Thursday at 7pm. Each week we’ve had a few more participants and it’s a fun way to connect with other Covenant members. It’s easy to check this class out any time so don’t worry if you missed the first session, just email our associate pastor, David Hunsicker, at david.hunsicker@covhsv.org for more information.

Don’t forget to stop by the church office this week to drop off some donations to our Food Drive to help them feed hungry families in our community. Or make an online donation to support Huntsville Assistance Program by clicking here.

Order of Worship:

Family & Small Group Discussion Questions

  1. Lightning round – go around the circle and take turns reciting as much of Psalm 4:8 as you can remember. This was the homework from last week’s sermon “Last Things First.” If you’ve mastered it – move on to memorizing Psalm 4:7.
  2. Have you every had a situation in your own life where you had to focus on taking “baby steps?” What was that like?
  3. Read 2 Kings 4:1-7 – taking turns by reading one verse at a time.
  4. What details do you notice about the passage that highlight God’s power?
  5. If you have time, use the “Instructions” below to do some “solution-focused” thinking / discussing concerning an issue you’re facing now.
  6. Close by praying for the person on your right by placing their name into the blank: “I pray that you would grant ___________ the courage to eat crisis for breakfast this week like Daniel, and that [she / he] would sleep in peace at night, for you alone, O LORD, make [her / him] dwell in safety.”


First, watch the sermon “Baby Steps” by Rev. David Kling at https://www.covhsv.org/sermons/baby-steps-sermon-3-in-keep-calm-carry-on/

Then use the following questions for private journaling or for discussion with a friend.

Answer the Questions One at a time. DO NOT read ahead. Reading ahead reduces the effectiveness of the exercise.

Feel free to let Pastor Kling know any feedback or reactions at david.kling@covhsv.org


“Not at all”= 0—-1—-2—-3—-4—-5—-6—-7—-8—-9—-10 = “My Best”

Worship Relaunch Information

We offer a small worship service at 10AM. Based on a congregational survey, we anticipate most folks to continue worshipping online – so we will continue to provide excellent worship resources and videos each Sunday for those at home. Together we are united in our commitment to one another and our commitment to Christ, whether worshipping in-person or online!

No reservation or permission is required to attend worship in the sanctuary. However, all participants must wear a mask (we will have some available for you!) and we request that you take your temperature and use the restroom before leaving your home.

The elders request that you make a careful and informed decision about the best way for you to worship in June. For those who intend to attend worship in person, please read the following guidelines carefully when making your decision.

Key Links

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