June 28 Worship Resources: “Monte Sano Worship”

June 26, 2020

Join Pastor Kling for a scenic tour of Monte Sano State Park this week as we ponder what it means to call something “holy ground.” As Pastor Kling reflects on Moses’ encounter with the burning bush, we will consider together how God is encountering us in the various places that we find ourselves in today. Meanwhile, Ms. Alison will invite into her father’s home office where we will learn about his work fighting forest fires, and Pastor Hunsicker will offer the Prayers of the People from a place that has been holy ground for many folks throughout Covenant’s history: the music room! Speaking of music, the worship band will lead us in singing “Your Name”, reminiscent of how God reveals himself to be “Yahweh” to Moses, and Matt and Betty will draw us into offertory and thanksgiving with breathtaking renditions of “The Lord’s Prayer” and “Guide me O, Thou Great Jehovah.”

We truly believe that you will find that even your living rooms and your homes will become the holy ground on which God meets you this morning!

Read on below for important announcements about next week’s worship service at 10AM in the Sanctuary. (Don’t worry – we’re still going to be offering an awesome Online worship service too! Whether you’re in your home or in our sanctuary, we’ve got you covered!)

Order of Worship: June 28, 2020

Family & Small Group Discussion Questions

  1. Is there a place like Monte Sano that feels like “holy ground” to you?
  2. Read Exodus 3:1-5 together
  3. Have you ever felt like you had a “burning bush” moment? A time or a place where God revealed something about himself to you?
  4. The root of the Hebrew word for holy (qa-dosh) can mean either “cut out” or “a cut above.” In what ways has God called us to be “cut out” from our surroundings? In what ways has he called us to be “a cut above”?
  5. Central to Moses time on holy ground is the mission that God gives him. As we turn from worship this morning, reciting our charge (“Wherever we go, God has sent us”), where is God sending you this week?

Worship Relaunch Information

On June 7th, Covenant plans to transition back into its sanctuary at 301 Drake Ave SE, Huntsville AL. We will offer a small worship service at 10AM. Based on a congregational survey, we anticipate most folks to continue worshipping online – so we will continue to provide excellent worship resources and videos each Sunday for those at home. Together we are united in our commitment to one another and our commitment to Christ, whether worshipping in-person or online!

No reservation or permission is required to attend worship in the sanctuary on June 7th. However, all participants must wear a mask (we will have some available for you!) and we request that you take your temperature and use the restroom before leaving your home.

The elders request that you make a careful and informed decision about the best way for you to worship in June. For those who intend to attend worship in person, please read the following guidelines carefully when making your decision.

Key Links

For your convenience, here are all the links you need to participate in today’s service!

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