June 7th Worship Resources: “Holy Ground: Doctors & Priests”

June 6, 2020

This worship service honors our essential workers and the medical community while also diving deep into the question of “how can we connect with God?” The good news is that God has a plan! There is no sin so deep, no evil so strong, that God does not have the power to wash us clean and bring us into his presence. Watch and experience a hope-filled service with powerful applications to our present challenges.

Read on below for discussion questions related to the sermon for your family or small group following worship and important announcements about next week’s worship service at 10AM in the Sanctuary. (Don’t worry – we’re still going to be offering an awesome Online worship service too! Whether you’re in your home or in our sanctuary, we’ve got you covered!)

Order of Worship: June 7th, 2020

Family & Small Group Discussion Questions

  1. After watching David Kling’s sermon “Holy Ground: Heaven & Earth” take 30 seconds to think quietly. Ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of a time God answered a prayer in an important way in your life.
  2. Have a member of the group read Leviticus 8:1-12. Do you notice something now (or remember something from the sermon) that interests you?
  3. Have another member of the group read 1 Peter 2:1- 10. What similarities do you seen between Peter’s description of discipleship and Leviticus’ description of priesthood?
  4. There’s a lot of technical language in the book of Leviticus – but when we understand the vocabulary better – it helps us understand Jesus’s work better. What connections can you make between the work of Jesus and these technical Hebrew words:
    1. “Mish-cha” (messiah) = annointing, chosen one (Lev. 9:10)
    2. “Ka-phar” = atonement, expiation (deep clean) (Lev. 9:7)
    3. “Ka-vohd” = glory, heaviness, weight (Lev. 9:23)
  5. We all have a special “priestly” job to pray. Take 30 seconds to think quietly. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you think of a person or situation that needs prayer (only something that you feel comfortable sharing with the group). Briefly share. Close by taking turns praying for one another’s concerns. Pray for the person on your right.

Worship Relaunch Information

On June 7th, Covenant plans to transition back into its sanctuary at 301 Drake Ave SE, Huntsville AL. We will offer a small worship service at 10AM. Based on a congregational survey, we anticipate most folks to continue worshipping online – so we will continue to provide excellent worship resources and videos each Sunday for those at home. Together we are united in our commitment to one another and our commitment to Christ, whether worshipping in-person or online!

No reservation or permission is required to attend worship in the sanctuary on June 7th. However, all participants must wear a mask (we will have some available for you!) and we request that you take your temperature and use the restroom before leaving your home.

The elders request that you make a careful and informed decision about the best way for you to worship in June. For those who intend to attend worship in person, please read the following guidelines carefully when making your decision:

Key Links

For your convenience, here are all the links you need to participate in today’s service!

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