Pie Day

Alison Kling

December 4, 2019

On November 24th Covenant celebrated Pie Day! Not to be confused with Pi Day!! Our community came together to bless our neighbors: we baked over 80 pies and delivered them to the neighbors around our church. Our goal? To bless the community in our neighborhood. Our neighbors! Thank you to everyone who baked a pie, delivered a pie or prayed over the pies. Read some stories below about this year’s Pie Day including one of the thank you notes we received from one of our neighbors. Please also join us in continuing to pray for our neighbors both near our campus and across our community.

I was tempted on pie day to say “we don’t have time….” But Don felt confident we could and should, so we picked up our pie and address and headed out. We found the house and rang the bell and waited. When no one came right away, we worried. But soon a man came around the house and greeted us. We smiled and told him we were from Covenant and handed him the pie. Our neighbor introduced himself as Carlos and thanked us graciously. We had a brief conversation in which he told us he often jogged by the church. We told him to visit any time. And that was it! We did it!

Alice Searcy

I was a little nervous ringing the doorbell but then God really blessed me with a wonderful conversation and a new friend. Thank you Covenant for your courage and generosity in letting our neighborhood know that we love them. Thank you to the Pie Team led by Beverly Jeffreys and Miranda Wilkinson.

David Kling

The easiest person to ignore is the person standing right next to you.  When we think of the needs of others many times we think of those who are many  worlds away from us.  Yet, the spiritual needs of our neighbors may be just as intense and deserving of our attention as those peoples of other lands.  A delicious pie, a warm handshake and a congenial smile is a perfect background to explore and share spiritual needs and understanding.  God has given us this excellent opportunity to serve our neighbors as Christ served his neighbors.  While our efforts may not seem far reaching geographically  we need only to remember that Christ probably  never travel more than 200 miles from his home and with that he changed the world.  

Phil Maddox

I had a wonderful experience delivering pies on “Pie Day.” I was down to my last pie and the addresses that were assigned to me already had pies on their porches. I passed by a lonely-looking house that appeared to have no one home. For some reason I was drawn to the front door despite thinking that no one would answer. To my surprise a lady came to the door. She relayed to me that she had just been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. The look on her face showed her extreme gratitude for the pie gift. I only wish I had offered to spend more time with her. You never know who you can touch with a little of God’s love-even on Pie Day.

Cathy McNeely

Some of our Pie Day team! David and Beverly Jeffreys, Miranda Wilkinson, and Virginia and Justin Stefo. Thank you for organizing this wonderful outreach!

Pie day was a fantastic success! We received 80 pies with which to bless our neighbors, and want to say a very big thank you to everyone who baked and delivered pies. Once again, our congregation has gone above and beyond to share the love of Christ with our neighbors and the entire Pie Day team is so thankful to be a part of this mission!

Miranda Wilkinson, Pie Day co-chair

The pies are wrapped and ready to be delivered!
A thank you note from one of our neighbors.

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