September 13 Worship Resources – “There Goes the Neighborhood”

David Kling

September 12, 2020

Feeling like life is a bit phony right now? Missing the “real thing” when it comes to authentic relationships and community? Well you’re in luck, because in today’s sermon we learn that “When he wants to end falsehood, God starts a neighborhood.” This is a communion service, so have the nearest thing to bread and juice nearby to celebrate the sacrament and keep your eyes peeled for a special treat right before the sermon!

This new sermon series is called, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” following the life and times of Fred Rogers and what it looks like to be a good neighbor in the Bible.

As part of this new series we are going to be offering neighborhood prayer groups that meet in a front lawn near you. Check out the map below to see the neighborhood shepherds we currently have available. These shepherds are hosting the prayer groups in their front lawns one day a week. Even when you’re not able to meet in person, it is nice to know there is someone near you who cares. Now, more than ever, it’s good to know that when we can’t carry on, God’s family carries us.

If you look at the map below and you’re not sure which group you might fit in or you see that your neighborhood is currently marked as TBD please contact our Associate Pastor, Dave Hunsicker at david.hunsicker@covhsv.org. We are finalizing these groups and he would be delighted to assist you.

1Madison & MonroviaSunday, 4:30 PMKerry & Ray Rowleykerrykrowley@gmail.com
2Northeast HuntsvilleMonday 6:00 PMBecky & Ryan Gintyraginty161@gmail.com
3Hampton CoveTBDTBDTBD
4RiversideSunday 4:00 PMAlice & Don Searcyalice.searcy@gmail.com
5DowntownTBDLori & Vince Visonelorivisone@yahoo.com
6PiedmontThursday 5:30 PMBill McDowellbillmcdowell@scondmile.net
7Drake AveWednesday 6:30 PMSarah & Robbie Tuckertuck35@gmail.com
8GreenwycheWednesday 6:30 PMSusan & Tom Pendergrasstom.pendergrass@sanmina.com
10Jones ValleyThursday 7:00 PMCheryl & Kurt Schultzjoyeux@outlook.com
11Bailey CoveTuesday 6:30 PMCarol & Doug Westracarolwestra1994@gmail.com
Don’t see a match? Email Dave Hunsicker at david.hunsicker@covhsv.org

Neighborhood Group Discussion Guide


Invite everyone to stand (or sit) in a circle in your front lawn with 6-ft distance between each family grouping. Families do not need to social distance, but should remain socially distant from others. These meetings are intentionally designed to be brief – so you do not need to provide chairs for the group.


  1. “welcome everyone to the first neighborhood group meeting for our neighborhood. We’re so glad to have you hear. To let you know the format,
    • “we’re going to be asking some questions each week to get to know each other better and to talk about the sermon series.”
    • “And then we’re going to close by praying for each other and praying for our neighborhood.”
  2. “Let’s start by going around the circle – and in one sentence I want you to tell us”
    • Your Name
    • How Long you’ve lived in the neighborhood
  3. “Now let’s just be quiet for 15 seconds of silence to ask God to remind you of something that you love about living in our neighborhood. Then we’ll each go around and share what God reminded us of. I’ll time 15 seconds and then I’ll start us off.”
  4. “Pastor Kling talked this Sunday about how “When He wants to end falsehood, God starts a neighborhood.” The idea was that God works through neighbors to make the world a better place. Did anything strike you as particularly important from this week’s sermon? This is an open discussion, you don’t need to take turns”
  5. “Let’s close by lifting each other up in prayer.
    • “We’ll listen again to God for 15 seconds. Ask God what you’d like prayer for you personally.”
    • “Then we’ll go around the circle and share our prayer requests.”
    • “Pay attention to the person on your left – because we’re going to take turns praying for each other after everyone has shared and you will pray for the person on your left. I’ll time 15 seconds and then I’ll start us off.”
  6. Have each person share their prayer request. Then say
    • “okay, now we’re going to pray. Does anyone need to be reminded of the prayer request on their left?”
  7. Once everyone is clear what they are supposed to pray for, begin praying so that each person in the circle takes a turn lifting up a prayer for the person on their left.
  8. “Thank you all for coming! Feel free to bring a friend if you’d like to next week’s group. Tonight’s program is over but feel free to continue visiting.”

Worship Relaunch Information

We offer a small worship service at 10AM. Based on a congregational survey, we anticipate most folks to continue worshipping online – so we will continue to provide excellent worship resources and videos each Sunday for those at home. Together we are united in our commitment to one another and our commitment to Christ, whether worshipping in-person or online!

No reservation or permission is required to attend worship in the sanctuary. However, all participants must wear a mask (we will have some available for you!) and we request that you take your temperature and use the restroom before leaving your home.

The elders request that you make a careful and informed decision about the best way for you to worship in June. For those who intend to attend worship in person, please read the following guidelines carefully when making your decision.

Key Links

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