Virtual Small Group: Book of Acts, An Introduction

March 18, 2020

Last Thursday, Barbara, Felicity, and I welcomed eight other guests into our home to begin a new small group Bible study of the book of Acts. We joked that we were meeting and then immediately going on a break for a few months; a joke that was a reality by Friday night.

The plan was to meet twice a month, so that we would really be getting Acts kicked off around the time in our church calendar when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Now, however, we are on an indefinite hiatus and I have decided to continue the group virtually. Instead of meeting twice a month, for the time being, I am going to post once a week, with an accompanying video and we will use the church’s website and Facebook as a platform for Bible study. For the time being, I will open this group up to anyone who wants to follow along from their homes.

Our reading schedule will follow the plan from N.T. Wright’s “For Everyone” Bible study curriculum (you can purchase here or at your favorite online vendor). I also like John Stott’s Bible study curriculum if you prefer to read along with him.

This week, I will post an introductory video on the Book of Acts—background information, important themes to consider, etc.

For next week, I would encourage you to read Acts 1 and I will discuss it in an upcoming post!

Pastor Dave

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