A Letter from the Elders About Covenant’s 5-Year Vision

David Kling

April 30, 2022

Dear Covenant,

As your elected elders we are so thankful that our church has emerged victorious by the power of the Holy Spirit from the challenges of the last 2 years. We have found creative ways to stay open in person and to stay connected online. By God’s miraculous grace, we have more members and stronger finances than we had in 2019 before the pandemic. And most importantly of all, after 2 years of prayer, we witnessed 5 young people in their 20’s receive Christ for the first time in their life, or for the first time in a long time. 

In December of 2021 we asked God the question: “Lord, where are you leading us next?”

After four months of prayer and discussion we are excited to share with you the new 5-year vision for where we believe God is calling Covenant by the year 2026. 

We see a church where our life together flows into 3 simple biblical principles:

Gather in worship

Grow in groups

Go and serve

Biblically, we believe God is calling us to gather together, with four generations as a church family, united in sharing Christ with our neighbors who are distant from God. We remember Jesus’ word to us that we should love God with all our hearts and his story about going after the lost sheep. We see two full worship services on Sundays with great-grandparents singing next to their great grandchildren. We see a community that invites neighbors who have never gone to church or have walked away from church. We see adults getting a second chance at life by making a life changing decision to follow Jesus as Savior and Lord. 

Biblically, we believe God is calling us to grow together, with a group of close friends for every person in our community no matter your age. We remember Jesus’ command to love one another and the exhortation of Paul to know the full depth of Christ’s love. We see older adults praying for their grandchildren. We see busy professionals encouraging each other over a cup of coffee. We see families sharing their homes and their lives to build networks of support and love. We see every child and youth in our church having a class of friends their age to learn together about Christ’s love for them. 

Biblically, we believe God is calling us to go together, with the Holy Spirit empowering us to make a difference in our community. We remember Jesus’ teaching that he came to serve (not to be served) and that as the Father sent Him, so he now sends us. We see older adults mentoring young parents. We see young adults operating technology. We see middle-aged folk greeting newcomers. We see grandparents teaching children and empty nesters visiting the homebound. We see teams of friends building relationships with neighbors and volunteering in Huntsville to make a long-term sustainable difference where it’s needed most. 

To challenge ourselves to make sacrifices in pursuit of God’s calling, we have written 6 measurable goals to guide us on this 5-year journey. These goals build on everything we have accomplished in the past and stretches us beyond our current abilities. In fact, we have chosen to write these goals as prayers because the numbers in these goals are impossible for us to achieve. Only God can bring this vision to completion if He so desires. We are humble vessels, jars of clay, open to his grace and power. 

We invite you to read the 6 prayers of our 2026 vision statement here. Or you can use the button below.

Additional information can be read at the Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) here. Or you can use the button below. 

We would also love to connect with you about this vision and sharing ways that you can join in the work. Pastor Kling will be giving more details in his May sermon series from the pulpit. We will have elders and trustees available after worship to hear your questions and comments in listening sessions according to the following schedule: 

May 1 – 11:15AM in the Chapel

May 8 – 11:15AM in the Chapel

May 15 – 11:15AM on Zoom 

We look forward to sharing the next 5 years with you and to living out our charge, saying together: “wherever we go, God has sent us!” 

In Christ,

The Elders of Covenant Presbyterian 

– Brandon Tucker

– Ashley Huttula

– Lori Visone

– Bill McDowell

– Richard Martin

– Mary Ann Enlow

– David Stumbaugh, Clerk

– David Kling, Senior Pastor

– Dave Hunsicker, Associate Pastor

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